onsdagen den 26:e mars 2014

Ingen vill köpa blåsfiskarna, skulle skaffa akvarium och ha ett par om jag kunde, var bofast, hade tid och pengar etc. men jag vet att det inte är mitt ansvar att ta hand om alla djur ingen vill ha.

måndagen den 17:e februari 2014

<-- Red boat is the hostel.

Adulthood is when your teenage idol plays the lonely piano at a Scandic hotel. Songs were pretty good: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ReG94gc61fY&feature=kp 

Got myself some actual comic books and they smell the same as they used to. 

torsdagen den 13:e februari 2014

Old folks, relatives, plumbers, a week-long coffee break.

Aunt and non-scizofrenic uncle chatting with a cousin in france. she's wearing red lipstick and eating a complicated cheese-based dish with her french boyfriend, getting assimilated etc. 

Their friends at IKEA are killing themselves.

Mom found a dried bat while cleaning out the attic.

Trying to figure out glass: