söndag 20 juli 2014

Took an ANATOMY FOR ARTISTS course in CPH, mostly because I wanted to see some dead bodies. Had an OK time there. A CORPSE FLOWER was in bloom at the botanical garden, place was rather crowded as its stench brought all the danes to the yard so to speak.

ARCHOSAURS (above) were abundant and sometimes aggressive. PASTRIES (below) came in shapes such as FROG and CALABI-YAU MANIFOLD.

JAZZ FESTIVAL was taking place and children were forced to listen.  

Got home on friday, yesterday the family gathered for FIKA to celebrate Maja's second birthday.

Cookies may or may not have been macarons - nobody could tell.

fredag 4 juli 2014

Midsummer in the north. Wether was nice as long as it snowed rather than rained.

The cottage we rented was full of dead animals, mostly grouse.

On the third day there we went to Norway but got tired of driving just after we passed the border. Stopped at a camping to see if we could have some coffee, talked to one of the employees who said We only serve coffee in the summer, none of us questioned her. There was limping dog (pictured below) and a dog with a bad eye. The mountains in Norway were noticeably nicer than their swedish counterparts.

Back in Älmhult:

tisdag 1 juli 2014

Luleå. Blogger keeps turning the white parts of my pictures grey.


Got a new Djehuty at Medelshavsmuseet, can't find any Yankee Candles in Älmhult. The writing project will have to wait another week or so