måndag 17 februari 2014

<-- Red boat is the hostel.

Adulthood is when your teenage idol plays the lonely piano at a Scandic hotel. Songs were pretty good: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ReG94gc61fY&feature=kp 

Got myself some actual comic books and they smell the same as they used to. 

torsdag 13 februari 2014

Old folks, relatives, plumbers, a week-long coffee break.

Aunt and non-scizofrenic uncle chatting with a cousin in france. she's wearing red lipstick and eating a complicated cheese-based dish with her french boyfriend, getting assimilated etc. 

Their friends at IKEA are killing themselves.

Mom found a dried bat while cleaning out the attic.

Trying to figure out glass:

lördag 8 februari 2014

Someone get in touch with that fuckface Monthy, tell him I've successfully infiltrated the court of the dragon king. 


These mutants again:

There's free coffee and chocolate except if your mom has anorexia there's suddenly only water.

Chocolates were commissioned by granddad for my grandmothers birthday, guess this would be normal if she weren't diabetic. Transparent excuse if i ever saw one!