lördag 21 april 2012

Serious fruit.

A baby ribbon eel looking for a hole to inhabit:

Indoors spring flowers:

Outdoors spring flowers:

A lady took a picture of me while i was painting these. A few hours later i got my hair cut so that was the last picture of me with my old non-hairstyle, it's probably on the internet somewhere.

(My little brother is eating a hamburger and asking me for money, my mother is drinking hot chocolate.)

The red bugs who live outside the art school in Ropsten. It's their mating season and for very important reasons they can only mate on asphalted roads. Most of them die.

The teacher who isn't John. He makes us eat cookies and watch video art.

(Förlåt mamma jag postar bergen senare, det blir så mycket att scanna in.)

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