fredag 18 maj 2012

A big discosoma:

The discosomas at Akvariekällaren are about twice as big as the ones at Bromma Blocks. I found an aquarium for 500 kronor at the second hand store next to our school but i know i wouldn't have enough time or energy to take care of it.


Water lilies:

From the Moonface concert at Lilla hotellbaren, some Södermalm people socializing:

They're all doing the legs-crossed-leaning-against-the-bar-pose.

The guitarist and the bassist drinking beer:


(We had some sort of conversation, it went like this:

Spencer Krug: You've got the concert written on your arm.
Me: Yeah things won't fit into my head so i keep them on my arms instead.
Spencer Krug: I do that too sometimes, i write things down on my hand.
Me: I thought you were smarter than me.
Spencer Krug: I'm not smarter than anyone. 
Me: Well me neither.

I don't know if there's any sort of enlightenment to be had from this but i need to work on my english pronunciation. I'm not sure if there are any elves named Linnea or if it just sounds that way when mispronounced.)

People resting on the lawn by the fountain next to Karlaplan station:

Vernissage at school: 

The subway:

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